Omihi School Farm Race

Sunday 25th March 2018

This exciting event is one where all ages and abilities can take part and have fun.  This is an opportunity to walk, run or ride some usually inaccessible land.  Official event flyer can be downloaded here



Walk 11km
$30 - Starts at 10.00am


Run 11km
$30 - Starts at 10.00am


Mountain Bike 17km
$50 - Starts at 9.00am


Mountain Bike 26km
$60 - Starts at 9.00am


Starting at Omihi School, the course will go up Reeces Rd for 2km, then onto the Croft's farm and through the forestry and back down Reeces Rd to finish at the school.

Entry Fee Payment

Entry fee payment must be made via bank transfer to the below account:

Omihi School
Please use entrant's name as reference


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