Omihi School History

Omihi was founded in 1900 in order to accommodate the growing farming community.  The school started with a roll of 31 and one classroom.  In 1906 the classroom was made larger and in 1911 the school residence was completed.  In 1948 the school was moved to a new position on the same site, remodelled and an additional classroom, staffroom and cloakroom was added.

Throughout the years the school roll has increased and decreased depending on the number of families in the area.  Some years it was as high as 48.  

A number of families have a long association with the school, coming from agricultural and more recently horticultural backgrounds.  Often previous students end up being part of the BOT and their children attend the school.  We even have some grandchildren of past students. 

Fast forward over 100 years, we have two classrooms, an office block, a school house, library, swimming pool and we are still a key thread linking many families together within the local area.

Over the years, a key part of the success of the school has been the way the school and community have worked together and supported each other.  We really are one big family.

Omihi Area

Omihi is a picturesque area just 45 minutes north of Christchurch. The first thing you’ll notice here is acres of grapevines. This is one of New Zealand’s premier wine regions - Pinot Noir and Riesling grapes do very well here.

There are also olive groves, nut farms, fields of lavender, sheep and beef farms, as well as scenic walks, bike tracks and gorgeous beaches nearby.  Omihi is only 15mins north of Amberley where there is a Countdown supermarket, as well as a number of cafes, restaurants and shops.

The Glenmark Rugby Club, netball club and Omihi Tennis club is just across the road from Omihi School.  By 2018 the rugby club will have a brand new clubrooms/event centre/hall that the school will have access to.