Our Kura/School

Omihi Primary School is a full primary school, for Year 0 to 8.  A decile 10 school which offers low teacher-pupil ratios, a balanced, exciting and innovative curriculum, as well as highly professional staff.

We have three classes in the morning: 
Years 0-2:  Jennie Manson
Years 3-5:  Jane Croft and Kathy Menzies
Years 6-8:  Katherine Hanna

In the afternoons it is as follows:
Years 0-4:  Jennie Manson
Years 5-8:  Katherine Hanna

Jennie teaches Monday - Thursday in the junior class.  Our Principal - Maree Lucas, teaches every Friday in the junior class   Maree also covers release across the school throughout the year.  

Jane teaches art on Monday afternoons and Kathy is our ORS teacher on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Treen Nicholls, is our ORS Funded Teaching Assistant.  Ruth Lowry is our part-time Administrator and Sue Parish is our Bus Driver.

We have a school dog called Vuk.  We have a 'Reading to Dogs' programme where children have the opportunity to read to Vuk.

Omihi school is located in the picturesque Omihi Valley in North Canterbury. A number of families have a long association with the school, coming from agricultural and more recently horticultural backgrounds.  The school has two classrooms linked by the library, plus a detached office block.  These were all renovated recently, so the classrooms are a lovely, bright, inviting space for children to learn.  We have a swimming pool that we use in Terms 1 and 4, a well resourced PE shed, library and school garden that the children contribute to.

Teaching staff are dedicated to providing quality learning and teaching programmes for their students.  We have a big focus on our school values throughout our programmes - P.U.R.E (Poho kererū/Pride, Kotahitanga/Unity, Whakaute/Respect, Hiranga/Excellence).  We ensure that the transition to school is as smooth as possible - promoting communication between the school and parents on how your child is progressing.  We cater for individual learning needs and offer a diverse range of opportunities to engage, inspire and prepare our students to engage in a 21st century world.  Students engage with and learn about new technologies throughout the curriculum.  They also have access to a high number of iPads, Macbooks and Chromebooks to enhance their learning.  Our Year 7-8 students attend Hurunui College for Technology every Monday in terms 2-4 and also visit ARA once a term as part of their career education.

Omihi has a strong focus on continuously improving teaching and learning. Professional development is therefore regarded as very important. All staff attend courses and consultants and advisory services are employed to assist the school in developing and delivering high quality programmes.  

We are part of the North Canterbury Principal’s Professional Development cluster, CPPA (Canterbury Primary Principal's Assocation), NZPF (NZ Principals Federation) and the Tipu Maia Community of Learning, who are committed to providing our staff with the necessary “tools” and opportunities for quality teaching and learning for our students, in order to enhance learning outcomes.

We often engage with our community and invite them into our school.  We also collaborate with our local schools through sports, the arts and other learning opportunities.  Our community is very important to us.  The success of our school comes down to the strong relationships between our school and community.