Monday 30th April, 2018

Tena Koutou

It was lovely to spend some time in the holidays reflecting on what an exciting term 1 we had at Omihi.  I love seeing our school grow, but also our children grow.  Grow in their learning, and in their confidence and social skills, which I consider to be really important.

We are going into term 2 with some more fantastic news......we are setting up 3 classrooms!  From week 3 this term, we will have three classes running.  Year 0-2 with Whaea Jennie, Year 3-5 with Whaea Kathy and Mrs Croft and Year 6-8 with Miss Hanna.  We feel this is the best way for us to cater for the range of learning needs in each class.  The Year 3-5 children will use our lovely library space in the morning and then they will join their junior or senior class for the afternoons.

Our school is always open, so feel free to pop in some time and say hello and have a look around.

Nga mihi
Maree Lucas
Principal -

School Notices

Principal's Award
The Principal Award winner at the end of term 1 was JACK SLOSS.  The three Principal award winners from term 1 will be going out for a hot chocolate with me this term.

Compass FM
We have a wonderful opportunity to be part of our local radio station Compass FM.  They have a children's show every Sunday morning and our Omihi children are going to be a part of this!  We will be pre-recording bits to go in this slot.  Our Year 6 children will be the first to star on the show, so listen out in the coming weeks.

Grandparents Day
We would like to invite all of our grandparents to come in on Thursday, 17th May from 9-11am.  There will be a chance for you to be in the class with your grandchildren and then there will be a morning tea for you.  If you haven't got grandchildren at Omihi, you are still more than welcome to come!

Mufti Day for Turtle Rescue
We have a mufti day on Friday, 11th May to raise money for the Turtle Rescue Organisation.  This is a charity that our Year 8 leaders have chosen.  Please send along a gold coin donation.

Character Strengths and Antarctic Centre visit
Our whole school inquiry this term is focusing on character strengths.  Do the 10min survey online to find out your character strengths -  We will be having special guests from our community come in to share what their character strengths are and will also be going to the Antarctic Centre to see what character strengths the explorers had.  The whole school will be going to the Antarctic Centre on Friday, 25th May.  If you are able to help with transport, please email me on  The $8 cost will be covered by your activity fee.  We will only be invoicing each child $9 to cover the cost of the Hagglund ride while we are there.

Movie Night
On Friday, 25th May the senior leaders are organising a movie night for the whole school.  This is a fundraising event for the school.  It will be $5 to come and watch a movie and there will be popcorn available to purchase as well.  The movie will be in the junior classroom.  While it is on, we invite the parents to come to the senior class for a social event.  We will provide coffee and tea and ask that you please bring a plate.  I would like to talk to everyone briefly about our Omihi Curriculum and reporting and get some feedback from you, then it will be a chance for you to socialise with each other.  Anyone from the community is welcome.

Student ICT Agreement
Miss Hanna and the senior class have been looking at our student agreement for using technology at Omihi.  They have come up with a fantastic, child friendly agreement.  We will be sending this home this week, so please read it with them and discuss.  Once you have both signed it, please send it back to school.

Lunchtime Clubs
Our students are very keen to have some more lunchtime clubs for the winter terms.  If you have a skill or interest and would like to run a club, then please let me know.  

Ronald McDonald House
It was lovely to see so many of our community at our fashion show for Ronald McDonald House.  The children loved being a part of it, setting up and modelling.  It's such a great experience for them to be able to give back to a charity.  I can proudly say we raised over $65,000 for Ronald McDonald House.

Graffiti Art
We are very excited to say our Graffiti art is starting this week.  The back of the PE Shed and the lizard are going to be painted.  We have a graffiti artist who has come up with designs based on our school values and ideas from our students on how to show our values - Pride, Unity, Respect, Excellence.  We can't wait to show you all the finished product!

Reading with Dads
I would love to invite our Dads into school.  It's so great for our children to see role models reading books. Every Friday when I'm teaching the juniors I would love a Dad to come and read to the class with a book of their choice.  It could be a Dad from any of the classes.  If you would like to do this, please email me and we can work out a date that suits you.

Strum, strike and blow - Wednesday 29th August
This term we will be working towards our Strum, strike and blow concert that we are performing in during August.  The children will be playing either the ukelele or the marimba (glockenspiels) and will be learning songs every Monday.   There is more info at  We will let you know when tickets become available.

Maree Lucas