Monday 11th June, 2018

Tena Koutou


We definitely seem to have hit winter this week.  A lot of children are away sick, lots of coughs and colds going around.  Thank you to the parents for keeping your children home, we would rather they get better, than spread the germs around.

This week at school we are celebrating Matariki (Maori New Year).  We are looking forward to learning more about Matariki and the seven stars.  On Wednesday our whole day will be focused around this, with learning opportunities such as storytelling, kite making, lantern making and finishing off with our hangi in the evening.  The hangi will be lifted at 4.30pm, ready to eat by 5pm.  Please bring your own plate, knife and fork.  Parents and community are very welcome to come in throughout the day and be part of the activities also.

Nga Mihi
Maree Lucas

School Notices

Principal's Award
The Principal's Award this week went to.....Alice Barnes.

Cross Country
Congratulations to everyone who participated in the cross country.  Well done to Alice.B, Sylvia, George and Max who qualified for the Kowai Cross Country and to Alice who is now going to the Canterbury Cross Country.

As part of our build up to Matariki, the seniors will be working on their mihi.  If you have any information regarding iwi, whanau, maunga (mountain), awa (river), please send this along with your child, as they will be working on it on Tuesday.

National Young Leaders Day

(Alice)-  NYLD was really inspiring and they had lots of quotes but here is one of my favourites.  'Don’t try to be someone you're not', was a quote from Jono Naylor (ex Mayor from Palmerston North). He was one of the people that I got a lot from.

(Indi)- The NYLD was an amazing experience to go on as a year 8 leader.  We learnt about some great people's life struggles and breakthroughs in their life. One of the people who inspired me a lot was Riley Hathaway, who has a TV show called Young Ocean Explorers and she is helping the earth be a better place and be a tidy world. There was an amazing bunch of people speaking to us, your kids should be very excited to go into the future.

(Lucy) - National Young Leaders Day was an amazing experience. We got to listen to seven very inspirational speeches. One of my favourites was the samoan guy called Sala Tiatia.  He talked to us about having a healthy whakaroa, a healthy word bank. He was also on survivor in 2016. Jono Naylor who used to be the Mayor of Palmerston North was also very inspiring.

(George) - NYLD was super fun. We learnt loads of stuff and we got to listen to amazing speakers. Jono Naylor spoke about HOPE and told us how he got through the tough times of being Mayor. HOPE stands for:
Others focused
Play to your strength  
Extend yourself

(Sylvia) - NYLD was really fun. My favourite part was when we were talking to Seddon School,  the bus behind us.  After we arrived we had a really fun time and the hosts and speakers were very inspirational. My favourite speaker was Amanda Wilson, which by the way I am a huge fan of her.  I loved how she talked about her upbringing and how it's ok to be different.  Also another thing she said was 'why do it tomorrow when you can do it today'.

(Max) - Riley Hathaway inspired me because she used to hate the water and now she loves it.  She looks after the ocean and gets other people to pick up rubbish and look after our planet.

One thing that we are going to do after going to NYLD is be part of the 'Whanau Clean Up Competition'.  When the seniors go for our walk from Waikuku - Pegasus we are going to pick up as much rubbish as we can along the way.  More info can be found here, maybe you could do something too?

Red Riding Robyn Hood
The whole school are going to this production at Broomfield School this Thursday morning at 9.30am.  I will send the transport information out later in the week.  Thanks to those parents that are helping with transport.

Compass FM
Year 7/8 will be going to Compass FM next Tuesday to record for the kiwi kids slot on Sunday morning.

The Wool Shed -
The truck with the 'Wool in school' is at Greta Valley School next week.  We will be exploring it on Wednesday 20th June.  Each class will go down there for 45mins during the day.


Maree Lucas