Monday 22nd July, 2019

Kia ora Koutou

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In the last assembly of term two, I was presented with a gift and a card from our students and staff congratulating me on my two years of principalship. I wanted to share one of the comments that really resonated with me.

This is a photo of it. It reads ‘You have made many mistakes and you have been inspirational at all times, but you always strive forward and want to learn from your mistakes and you are a naturally nice person and that is why you’re the best principal we’ve ever had’. Jack.

When I first read it, I wasn’t sure how to take it. I talked to Jack about it so he could clarify it for me. I asked if I often talk about my mistakes. He said, ‘yes you do and you are always asking us for feedback and finding out how you can do your job better’.

That really stuck with me and I was so proud that without realising I was modelling that it was ok to make mistakes and ok to keep trying to improve and be a better person, whether it’s in your personal life or in your work life.

Ngā mihi
Maree Lucas

School Notices

Principal’s Award
The latest Principal’s award went to….Violet Inkson.

Whānau Liaison
Jaz Hazeldine is our whānau liaison. In the past, Omihi parents have made dinners for other families in times of need, such as illness, new babies, etc. We would like to know if you want this to continue. If you would like it to continue, we would make a list of parents that Jaz can contact when meals are needed, so we aren’t always relying on the same people. Please email myself or Jaz and let us know, firstly if you want this to continue and secondly, if you would like to be on the list.

Pick up Pies
If you ordered Naked Baker pies please can you pick them up on Tuesday at 3pm. We don’t have the space to store them at school.

Ski Trip
The ski trip forms will be sent home today. Please have these back by Friday. The two ski trips are on the 8th and 13th August. There will be a message on our Facebook page by 6.30am in the morning if it is cancelled.

Car seats
A reminder to please send along car seats for our trip to the Recycling Centre tomorrow.

Omihi Bus
There are a few trips this term where we need to use the Omihi bus, so there will be no Omihi bus on the following days:
* 31st August
* 2nd August
* morning of 7th August

Teacher’s only day
A reminder we have a teacher’s only day on Friday 30th August. There will be no school on this day.

Pet Day
Last year Julie Wells organised our school Pet Day. We are looking for someone to help Julie with Pet Day this year. Please let me know if you are available. It is on Wednesday 30th October.

Mindfulness Course
We welcome our community to our second Mindfulness workshop on Tuesday 6th August from 3.30-5pm.

Community Notices

Winter Ball
We would love the support of our school families for our ball. The Omihi Community Hall is a valuable facility that we are able to use, so it would be great to help fundraise for it.

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Maree Lucas